The first Slate with Windows® 7 already on the market!

Microsoft Windows® 7

With Mobi One™ you get a complete Windows® 7 Home Premium Tablet PC that also allows you to replace your desktop, it's a all-in-one PC with many more benefits than a regular PC or Notebook.


EXOPC User Interface

The EXOPC UI (User Interface) gives you access to thousands of free and paid apps, and you can use it to browse the web, play games, watch TV and movies, listen to music, be always informed with the latest news, read magazines, books and bulletins, access your favorite social networks with text, audio and web conference, and much more. Using your Mobi One™ Powered by ExoPC it's much more than an experience, it's a way of life.


Microsoft Apps

Wherever you use Word or Excel or any of the rich offers from Microsoft, you can rely on the fact that your documents, presentations and worksheets will be compatible with your friend's software, and that you will be able to use them, share them and review them with your team at office or with your customers or suppliers.


TV and Movies

You don't want to miss your favorite TV show? Simple, just turn on the web and watch your favorite video casts, live web television, Video clips and movies. With Mobi One™. You can do all that from your sofa, with your friends, uploading all these Medias directly to your TV through Windows Media Center or directly plugged thanks to the HDMI port.



You are a photo professional or a photo lover, you can build a digital photo album in a snap and then show it to your friends or customers. More, with the free downloadable Microsoft Surface Collage, just drag and drop your photos, flip them, zoom them collate them and print them. It's easy, it's fun and it's multi-touch. You can play with two photos at the same time, it's a great experience.


Audio and Radio

Tired of the boring local radio station with tons of advertisements? Just turn on to web music and radio. Listen to your music or radio from around the world with your earphones or the integrated speakers.



With your standard Wi-Fi connection or with the optional 3G, keep up-to-date all the time with MS Outlook or MS Exchange or any other email software, and become more efficient and more productive even when you are away, on the road.



Microsoft Bing is fast, fun and touch reactive. With Bing Maps and Mobi One take advantage of the integrated multi-touch functionality and get access to the world!
Mobi One™ is the richest platform for using Bing with multi-touch and it will make your next trip a fun and precise experience.


Flash and Silverlight Support

All major developers are now working in producing rich Flash and Silverlight Apps using the ExoPC UI Layer Development. No other platform supports it totally except the Mobi One Powered by ExoPC. More, all Apps already available from the ExoPC store are almost all flash and Silverlight custom made. This gives you a great impact and experience and Mobi One™ knows how to handle it, with no boundaries or software limitations.

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Exo Store

The EXOPC App Store already gives you a centralized store for all Windows Ready Apps for your Mobi One Tablet PC. And the number of Apps is growing everyday offering you with rich entertainment, productivity, organizational, educative apps for your Mobi One™. Step away from the fractioned stores from the rest of the world, get an easy, fast and reliable ExoStore.