A modern design and an intelligent system in only ONE Tablet!

Screen Quality

Bigger or Smaller? While the vast majority of tablets hitting the market are 7" the Mobi One™ screen size is a beautiful 11.6" wide (29,5cm) giving you a perfect environment for working and for entertainment. Its high-resolution capabilities up to 1366 x 768 pixels gives you more brilliant images, more depth and better multi-touch capabilities meaning that you will be more confortable.


Freedom for the People

Mobi One™ is not free of charge, but it's free of wires thanks to the integrated features as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and thee optional 3G / GPS module.
Wherever you are on the road or at office, just stay connected. You can use the 802.11 b/g/n network adapter to connect to a wireless Access Point optionally you can connect using the 3G cellular network (if available).


Multi touch

Got fingers? Put them on the screen!
Touchscreen has become the more desired technology everywhere in the world. Using the multi touch technology allows you to have a better, faster and richest experience with real life and with the tons of touch Apps now available on the ExoPC Store you will not have the time to use your fingers for anything else because it's fun, practical and productive..


Performance When you Need it

The 1.6 Ghz Intel Atom Pineview processor is one of the latest powerful processors from Intel designed for tablet PCs. It supports 32 or 64-bit and the 2GB RAM memory gives you an excellent multitasking experience for a real working day mix with entertainment


High Definition Functionality

Mobi One™'s screen is bigger than the majority of tablet devices available under many operating systems but it's still too small when you are many persons trying to watch at it. The solution is to plug an HDMI cable from the Mobi-One Tablet to the TV or Video Projector and share the contents to everyone in the room with a 1080p High-Definition vision. It's simple, it's great.



As always, Mobi One™ is not coming alone. Take a close look at the accessories already available and watch out about the new concepts we are putting in place.