Enjoy your MOBI ONE™ "Powered by ExoPC" without boundaries!


Click and Go! Mobi One™ allows you to connect any USB devices that you would use with any computer. Just Click it on the USB ports, transfer, edit, transform and share your photos, anytime, anywhere and anyhow. Just Click it.



Back up your data locally or remotely, when you decide it. You are away from your office and need to save your working day? Just click it with an external disk drive, or on the SDHC Memory Card using the appropriate slot. And when you arrive to your office and mount the Mobi One Tablet on the Mobi Dock, let your company security practices do the corporate backup thru the corporate LAN using the RJ-45 Ethernet port on your Mobi Dock.


USB Flash and SD Memory Cards

Click it, access it, share it.
A secure and easy access to your personal files thanks to the 2 USB ports is now a day-to-day routine yet not available on all tablets.
Be truly mobile but truly secure with Mobi One™.


CD and DVD's

Need to record some musics or an important audio/data file on a disk. Just click it again! With Mobi One™, it's simple and easy to record or read a CD or a DVD.


Printing Solutions

Printing in your office or at home or even in your car is also simple with Mobi One™. You can use a USB printer, a Wi-Fi Printer or a Bluetooth Printer so you can print while standing or walking or from your comfort zone at office or home.