See what MOBI ONE™ "Powered by ExoPC" can do for you...


Is it clean? You want it to always look nice and beautiful, don't you? So why don't you clean it? With the help to these Apps you can see where to clean it. So let's do it and don't say you were not aware of it....




What am I going to wear today? Is it going to rain, snow and can I go the beach today for some windsurfing? Stay tuned with this great Apps about the current and upcoming weather. With Microsoft Bing Weather be secure and informed and decide what you are going to do, use and go. All the info is just some fingertips away...use them.




Numbers, numbers and more numbers. Can't avoid them so let's have some help and use the calculator on the go on the Mobi One™. This calculator app is here to solve your all your math and algebra problems.



Search the World Wide Web with your search fingers and with Microsoft Bing from the EXOPC User Interface.




Can't miss it. It's there, and it lets you access the biggest deposit of streaming videos in the world. With Mobi One™ and YouTube App, you are connected, on a stream of information and entertainment all over the world.




Don't like what you hear on your local radio station? Just plug the Mobi One to your stereo HiFi and listen to radios from all around the world, it’s simple, it's free, it's educational.